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xFFA is a completely new game mode. This is created at OITC, only in FFA form. It is perfect for streams and cool stunts.

Features 🇺🇸

General Features

  • MySQL 2nd Generation with async functions for smooth gaming experience
  • Completely changeable scoreboard with name, rank, date, kills, death, kd, ranking and coins placeholders (no-flicker)
  • Tab and chat system with 30 possible ranks to configure and you can show your clan tag
  • NickSystem with normal and premium nick as well as autonick with an ingame GUI
  • Disable events like weather, damage and so on


  • Map/Kit Change (If you have just one map/kit, you can also use one kit or you can also define, that one kit is set on server start)
  • Create as many kits/maps, as you want
  • You will die directly, if you jump into the void (no-death screen)
  • By default, you have four items in your inventory (ForceMap/Kit and Nick-Item for YT, team or Admin – stats and random teleporter for players too)
  • If you jump down, you will get the kit automatically
  • Reset stats with stats reset tokens
  • Random teleporter against camping
  • There are 12 pre-configured kits (Import them with: /editkit <name> import)
  • Rename items and give them enchants, with an ingame command (/edititem)
  • Actionbar with countdown (if you enabled MapChange)


  • If you hit someone with the bow, he will be killed instantly – If you block with the sword, you can cancel the instant kill
  • Player can use the double jump for new, amazing trick shots
  • If you place cobwebs, they will be disappear after a certain amount of time

Features 🇩🇪

Generelle Features

  • MySQL 2nd Generation mit Async-Funktionen für ein reibungsloses Spielerlebnis
  • Vollständig änderbares ScoreBoard mit Name, Rang, Datum, Kills, Death, KD, Ranking und Coins Platzhalter (No-Flicker)
  • Tab- und Chatsystem mit 30 möglichen Rängen zu konfigurieren und du kannst dein Clan-Tag anzeigen.
  • NickSystem mit Normal- und Premium-Nick sowie Autonick mit Ingame GUI
  • Deaktiviere Events wie Wetter, Schade usw.


  • Map/Kit Change (Wenn du nur ein Kit/Map hast, musst du auch dieses definieren – Zudem gibt es auch eine Option, dass ein Kit zufällig zum Serverstart ausgewählt wird)
  • Erstelle so viele Kits/Maps wie du willst
  • Ein Spieler stirbt sofort, wenn dieser ins void springt (no-death Screen)
  • Normal hat man vier Items im Inventar (ForceMap/Kit und Nick-Item für YT, Team oder Admin – Stats und Random Teleporter auch für Spieler)
  • Wenn man dann runterspringt, so erhält man die Items
  • Resette Stats mit Stats-Reset Tokens
  • Random Teleporter gegen Camper
  • Es gibt 12 vorkonfigurierte Kits (Importiere diese mit: /editkit <name> import)
  • Bennene Items um oder verzaubere diese mit einem Befehl (/edititem)
  • Actionbar mit Countdown (wenn man MapChange aktiviert hat)


  • Wenn du jemanden mit dem Bogen triffst, wird dieser sofort getötet – Wenn du mit dem Schwert blockst, kannst du den Soforttod abbrechen.
  • Der Spieler kann den Doppelsprung für neue, erstaunliche Tricks nutzen.
  • Wenn du Cobwebs platzierst, werden sie nach einer gewissen Zeit verschwinden.


  • /coins – xffa.coins
  • /edit – xffa.editmode
  • /edititem – xffa.edititems
  • /editkit – xffa.editkit
  • /editmap – xffa.editmap
  • /realname – xffa.realname
  • /tokens – xffa.statstoken
  • Colored Chat (Write with colorcodes) – xffa.colorchat
  • Nick System – xffa.nick
  • ForceMap – xffa.forcemap
  • Premium join (join full servers) – xffa.premiumjoin


General Setup

  • Drop .jar into the /plugins folder
  • Restart the network
  • Type in your MySQL values into the MySQL.yml
  • Restart the network
  • Go ingame and type /edit and create 2 maps and 2 kits (Drop the .yml files [which are in the download folder/kits] and drop them into plugins/…/kits)
  • Create a map with:
    • /editmap stone create
    • /editmap stone setspawn
    • /editmap stone sethigh damage (At what point should the player get the kit?)
    • /editmap stone sethigh death (At what point should the player die?)
    • /editmap stone addRandom (Random teleporter locs)
  • Create a kit:
    • Drop all items in your inventory (also armor) and type /editkit gold create
    • Edit items with /edititem
    • Import a kit with /editkit gold import
  • Restart the network
  • Info: You can edit all files – do not have fear, your server will not explode like a creeper 😉

Map setup:

IMPORTANT: If you have just 1 map or kit, you have to go in the settings.yml in the folder “Kits” or “Maps” and set Kit system or Map system to “2”. And you have to set the DefaultKit or default map – value to the map/kit name!

You can change the map and kit System. To change it, you must go into the settings file from the kit/map. You will find this:

In this case, there is a map/kit switch with all enabled kits or maps

The list of all types: [0] Map/Kit change [1] Random Kit/Map by starting the server (no changes) and [2] Map/Kit you have set. So it can look like this:

Normal map and kit change with all enabled maps.

There will be one map, which will be selected on server start (no further changes while the server is running).

There is one map, which will be selected on server start. You defined one and the system won’t change it while the server is running!



  • Spigot 1.8.8
  • Java 8
  • Networks and single server
  • Online mode servers
  • Root/vServer/Dedicated Server
  • Linux (Debian/Ubuntu)

Plugin requirements

  • Multiverse (here)
  • Permission Manager (xPerms/PermissionsEx …)


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