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The NickSystem offers you the possibility to use the Nick system as well as Tab/chat on other Spigot servers which do not use our systems. It also contains a very large and clear API.

Features 🇺🇸

General features

  • Database 3rd Generation with HicariCP connection pooling for smoother gaming experience and MongoDB (later this year)
  • Complete chat and tab system with up to 30 ranks you are able to add
  • Sorted tablist with clan tags from our bungee system as suffix
  • Skin caching and skin change
  • You can activate and deactivate the tablist or chat system, but the nick system still works:
    • Enter the scoreboard team name for the default rank, premium rank and their prefix in config.yml.
    • The system will detect the other tablist system and will nick and unnick the player correctly
  • If you are using another tab system or another scoreboard, you can add a delay on join, so the tablist can be perfectly loaded with the scoreboard
  • xPerms Integration

Nick System

  • Complete Nick and Skin System
  • You can use /nick with more than 100 preconfigured nick names (you can add more) and you can also define the nickname in the command with /name <name>
  • Skins will be cached in the database
  • Use /unnick to unnick
  • Check if a player is nicked with /realname
  • There is an autonick and premiumnick option
  • Edit your nick settings with /nicksettings
  • You can enable/disable the nick item


  • NickAPI
  • CoinsAPI
  • BungeeAPI

Features 🇩🇪

Generelle Features

  • Database 3rd Generation mit HicariCP Connection Pooling für ein flüssigeres Spielerlebnis und MongoDB (Später in diesem Jahr)
  • Komplettes chat und tab System mit bis zu 30 Rängen, welche hinzugefügt werden können
  • Sortierte Tablist mit Clan Tags von unserem BungeeSystem als Suffix
  • Skin caching und skin change
  • Du kannst das Chat sowie das Tab System deaktivieren, Jedoch wird das NickSystem immer noch funktionieren können:
    • Dafür musst du den default/premium Scoreboard team name und deren prefix in der config.yml eintragen
    • Das System findet dann das andere Tab System und trägt die Spieler daraufhin korrekt ein
  • Wenn Du eine anderen Tab System nutzt, so kannst du einen Delay beim Joinen hinzufügen, um Bugs zu vermeiden
  • xPerms Integration

Nick System

  • Komplettes Nick und SkinChange System
  • Du kannst /nick mit mehr als 100 voreingestellten Nicknamen nutzen (Du kannst selbstverständlich mehr hinzufügen) und du kannst den Befehl mit einem definierten Namen nutzen /name <name>
  • Skin Daten werden in der Datenbank gespeichert
  • Benutze /unnick um dich zu entnicken
  • Prüfe, ob ein Spieler genickt ist mit dem Befehl /realname
  • Es gibt eine Autonick sowie eine Premiumnick Option
  • Verwalte deine Nick Einstellungen mit /nicksettings
  • Das Nick Item kann aus und angeschaltet werden


  • NickAPI
  • CoinsAPI
  • BungeeAPI


  • /nick – nick.use
  • /nicksettings – nick.use
  • /unnick – nick.use
  • /realname – nick.realname


  • Drop the .jar into the /plugins folder
  • Restart the network
  • Info: You can edit all files – do not have fear, your server will not explode like a creeper 😉
  • To use another chat/tab system, you have to deactivate the tab/chat entry in the config.yml.
  • Then you have to enter the ScoreBoard-Team-Name of the default and Premium group (Don’t forget to define the prefix). If you don’t know the name, ask the developer of the plugin.
  • If it does not work, please contact our support team.



  • Spigot 1.8.8
  • Java 8
  • Minecraft Networks and single-servers
  • Online mode servers
  • Root/vServer/Dedicated Server
  • Linux (Debian/Ubuntu)

Required plugins


Nick a player [void]:


Nick a player with a defined name [void]:

APIManager.getNickAPI().nickPlayer(player, "xThePro");

Get, if a player is nicked [Boolean]:


UnNick a player [void]:


UnNick a player on quit [void]:


UnNick all players [void]:


Get the real name of a player object [String]:


Get the real name of a player name [String]:


Give a defined player the nick item [void]:


[/col] [col span=”11″ span__sm=”12″] [title text=”Coins api” tag_name=”h1″]

Add some coins to a defined player [void]:

APIManager.getCoinsAPI().addCoins(player.getUniqueId(), 1000);
APIManager.getCoinsAPI().addCoins(player.getName(), 1000);

Remove some coins from a defined player [void]:

APIManager.getCoinsAPI().removeCoins(player.getUniqueId(), 1000);
APIManager.getCoinsAPI().removeCoins(player.getName(), 1000);

Set some coins to the defined player [Boolean]:

APIManager.getCoinsAPI().setCoins(player.getUniqueId(), 1000);
APIManager.getCoinsAPI().setCoins(player.getName(), 1000);

Load coins from cache [int]:


Load coins from Database [void]:

APIManager.getCoinsAPI().getCoinsFromDatabase(player.getUniqueId(), coins -> {
System.out.println("Coins: " + coins);

APIManager.getCoinsAPI().getCoinsFromDatabase(player.getName(), coins -> {
System.out.println("Coins: " + coins);

[/col] [col span=”11″ span__sm=”12″] [title text=”Bungeeapi” tag_name=”h1″]

Get onlineTime from database [void]:

APIManager.getCoinsAPI().getOnlineTime(player, onlineTime -> {
System.out.println("Clan: " + onlineTime);

APIManager.getCoinsAPI().getOnlineTime(player.getUniqueId(), onlineTime -> {
System.out.println("Clan: " + onlineTime);

Get clanTag from database [void]:

APIManager.getCoinsAPI().getClan(player, clanTag -> {
System.out.println("Clan: " + clanTag);

APIManager.getCoinsAPI().getClan(player.getUniqueId(), clanTag -> {
System.out.println("Clan: " + clanTag);


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