More than an evolution.

Lobby SERIES 2 is more than an evolution. It represents a fundamental redesign of our code-style. We created a new, powerful core called EVPD. It makes us possible to integrate MongoDb and MySQL in the same system. And it’s even faster.

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Completely uncompromising.

Lobby 2 has many powerful new features, like supporting 2 more clouds (CloudNet 3 and ReformCloud). In addition, we integrated new holos for crates and the villagers. There are also PlayerInvs and xPerms and LobbyFriends have been integrated into the product.

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* MySQL 3rd Gen: MySQL 3rd Generation has connection pooling (HicaryCP: 120.000 ops) – There is also MongoDB (later this year); The files are in .YML format and have UTF-8 encoding; The database can be used with all other evaped plugins with the same MySQL/MongoDB database; Updates are only available on evaped – if you purchased the product somewhere else, contact the support and get them here for free